Data Collection Approach

The core of the project is electronic enumeration of the households. Data collection will be conducted using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI). This will be undertaken by professional data collection firms to be hired by the GNHR through approved procurement processes.
The census approach was adopted in the enumeration exercise in the Upper East and Upper West regions. The same approach will be used in the Northern, North East and Savannah regions. By the census approach, GNHR registration agents will move from house to house with devices which are pre-loaded with data intake questionnaire to collect biographic and socio-economic data on members of each household. For the rest of the country, Mobile Registrations Centers will be used. This will involve the setting up of registration centers at vantage points in each community where household members can go to register their households.

The GNHR Registration Process

In every household or at every Mobile Registration Center, the GNHR registration will include:

  • Taking the GPS Coordinates/ Ghana Post GPS of the house

  • Recording the details of the head of the household

  • Administering the electronic data intake questionnaire

  • Taking the biometrics (pictures and fingerprints) of the household heads, respondents and other eligible household members that are available at the time of registration.

  • Conducting near real-time quality checks on the data
Objective 1
Compile a credible database of the poor and vulnerable in Ghana to make it easy for Social Protection programmes to identify their target beneficiaries

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