Types Of Cases

It is envisaged that the following category of cases will be dealt with by the case management system:
  • Eligibility appeal: Households, which were declared non-poor, and therefore ineligible for social protection interventions, but who consider themselves eligible can appeal through the case management system.
  • Missed out/excluded households: which were not interviewed by the data collection organizations or were missed out due to any reason, such as: declined to be interviewed, were not at the community at the time of the information gathering process, etc. can also appeal through this system.
  • Inclusion of non-poor households: community members may lodge a complaint against households categorized as poor by the GNHR, but which have been identified as a non-poor household.
  • Information update request: occurs when the head of the household or any of the partners requests a household information update because there have been significant changes in household structure and/or composition, due to births, deaths, move to new housing and infrastructural changes. Information updates may also be required due to erroneous and/or incomplete information captured during the information gathering process such as address, names, date of birth, Scorecard fields.
  • Complaints about Quality of Services: Occurs when a person complains about the general quality of the service provided by GNHR and/or any partner organizations.
Accessing the Case Management System
Petitioners may access the GNHR case management system by
(1) Making a report in person to the community or district representative
(2) By phone or
(3) Through the GNHR website.

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