GNHR's Data aid in MoGCSP Donation to the Alleged Witch Camps

After a successful household Registration exercise conducted by the Ghana National Household Registry in the North East, Savanna and Northern regions. The ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection on December 2nd, 2020 distributed 600 pieces of mattresses and pillows to all inmates at the alleged witches camps in the Northern Ghana.

This follows an earlier visit by the Hon. Minister, Mrs. Cynthia Mamle Morrison and the Parliamentary Select Committee on Gender to the camps to ascertain the inmates living conditions.

Among the numerous challenges faced by the inmates in the camps, malnutrition and inadequate sleeping places were of their utmost need. The Ministry responded to the challenges by first providing the inmates first with food stuff and then mattresses.

Although this is a short term relief operation in addressing the issue of witchcraft allegations in the North,In the medium term, MOGCSP will engage stakeholders and the general public on addressing issues of witchcraft accusations and the need to end brutalities on the vulnerable in the society.